Crazy for Kiko: Cosmetics Haul

An otherwise failed trip to Ibiza Town (yeahh turns out everything’s closed on a Sunday guys) turned out to be rather fruitful, when we stumbled upon the budget cosmetics goldmine that is Kiko. Almost gleaming in the searing heat, Kiko, which is laid out in a manner akin to Sephora could almost have been a mirage amongst the boarded up cafes, boutiques and bars. Alas no, it was real and Anj, Steph and I were 3 extremely happy bunnies that day.

Stocking all manners of cosmetics in a diverse spectrum of colours at prices more Bourgeois than Burberry, Kiko has become a new favourite for me. They conveniently provide you with cute little branded maccy hampers allowing you to stock up on low-price makeup to your heart’s content (2 hours, in our case #issues.) At the end of it all I was very satisfied with my purchases, feeling that familiar euphoric buzz that accompanies any fash/beaut purchase, which was only intensified by the price, 46 euros for 10 high quality products averaging at less than 5 euros a piece!!! Have a gander at my new metallic make-up babies, they’re just lovely.



Nail Lacquer. As much as I love a bright nail, this nude/pink shade is just what I needed, it’s clean, crisp and sophisticated.Image

Despite looking a little daunting from the outside, this Super Colour Mascara looks hummmmazing with a plum or orange lip and minimal eye. Go bold or go home.


From left to right:Colour sphere in 5, Water Shadow in 200 and 205, Colour Sphere in 4

My gemstone shadow purchases are ridiculously pigmented and longlasting, such a decadent makeup look. What’s more, the water shadows can be used wet for even more colour intensity.


Glamorous lip liner in 307

I loved this colour as it was more on the cherry side of red and so not too heavy for Summer.


Eyeliner in 409

I’ve been meaning to dabble in gem coloured liner for yonks, this looks great with a cherry lip.


Eyeliner in 401. Metallic liner is super glam and for me, pips standard black kohl liner every time.


Eyeliner in 403



Has anyone else used Kiko products before?? More importantly, what’s your take on coloured liner/mascara? YAY or NAY?? Lemme know!! x


5 thoughts on “Crazy for Kiko: Cosmetics Haul

  1. LOVE Kiko makeup! Oh em gee, I’m obsessed with it – I bought a ton back from Barcelona in May and honest to God, I wish I’d bought everything. I haven’t tried the mascara (with eyelashes as crap as mine, I need a miracle) but the nail varnishes are immense and the BB cream is fantastic. Funnily enough when I went I saw the metallic bronzy eyeshadows and thought of you! I’m not surprised you spent 2 hours in there, I went back to the same shop 3 times in one shopping trip. #noshame
    Those eyeliners are gorgeous, they’re gonna look lovely on you.

    • IT’S AMAZING RIGHT?! No lie the shadows are just as good as my Illamasqua ones for like a third of the price, and 2.50 for nail polish?? I wish I’d bought more!! Haha you should!! I’m always a little scared to do colour but it’s so different! Hehe I swear there’s something wrong with me, I got a literal adrenaline rush when I went in. waa thank you! I’m wearing them tonight me thinks!! 🙂 x

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  3. I just happened to visit a Kiko in London today and I was so impressed at how good the quality is for such a bargain price!

    Those baked eyeshadows especially are amazing!

    Please feel free to visit my blog or even give it a follow if you like what it’s about 🙂
    (Also, my name is Niki too! I spell it differently to you though)

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